The M-Press Maxi is a unique inverted heat press with a heated base and sponge covered head. Identical manual operation and digital control to the M-Press . It is ideal for applying Fusible M-Broidery and also for avoiding the pressure mark when applying any type of logo to polos, sweatshirts fleeces etc. The larger base size makes it ideal for applying back logos to garments.M-PRESS-MAXI

  • Unique inverted heat press with heated base measuring 33cm x 18cm
  • Ideal for applying back logos to garments
  • Easy to use clam action with digitally controlled time and temperature functions
  • Generous clearance around base area to accommodate bulky garments
  • Adjustable pressure settings for different garment thicknesses
  • Ideal for applying Fusible M-Broidery
  • Prevents unsightly pressure marks on polos, sweatshirts and fleeces
  • 12 month warranty, CE compliant

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