ReflecTran Transfers

ReflecTran Transfers

ReflecTran Transfers look like any other printed logo by day but add a safety element to clothing by making the wearer more conspicuous at night. All colours reflect and the product’s integral appearance combines image and safety.

Suitable For

Use on most garments to combine company logo (with background or with freestanding elements) and wearer safety

Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum order 25 pieces.


Apply at 150-160ºC for 10 seconds with firm pressure (Applied Pressure* 1.5-2 bar); peel away carrier film when warm (not immediately)

Manufacture Origin

Manufactured in the UK


Reflectran IS NOT covered by CLiP

Additional Information

  • All logos are 100% quality checked.
  • Optional dye migration blocker for sublimation garments.
  • Industrial wash durability.
  • All colours reflect.
  • Available as both industrial wash and homewash.