MiRiMax Transfers

Mechanic in boiler suit with a MiRiMax Transfer on the back

MiRiMax Transfers for Industrial Wash

MiRiMax Transfers are suitable for industrial wash and dry clean. They are printed on clear film to allow full quality control and immediate release for enhanced productivity. They provide excellent coverage on dark fabrics and are flame retardant to ISO 11611:2015. Unlike patch emblems, with transfers there is no need for a background.
2023 Oeko Tex Standard 100 11-51469 Shirley

Accredited to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

Durable industrial wash, FR accredited transfers (ISO 11611:2015)

Accredited to EN1149-3:2004 for use on anti-static garments

Suitable For

Suitable for a wide range of garments/fabrics

Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum order 25 pieces for first order.

For small quantity, single colour transfers see MiRiCut


Simple one step application.

Apply at 190-200ºC for 10 seconds with firm pressure (Applied Pressure* 1/5-2 bar); peel away carrier film immediately after application.

Manufacture Origin

Manufactured in the UK


MiRiMax is covered by CLiP

Additional Information

  • All logos are 100% quality checked.
  • Supplied on hazy film for easy positioning / pre-application checking
  • FR accredited ISO11611