ReflecTran Transfers

ReflecTran Transfers

ReflecTran Transfers look like any other printed logo by day but add a safety element to clothing by making the wearer more conspicuous by night. All colours reflect to provide an integral appearance that combines image and safety.

  • Night time conspicuity in silver or multi colour retro reflective logo formats
  • Industrial wash durability

    Suitable For

    Use on most garments to combine company logo (with background or freestanding) and wearer safety.

    Minimum Order Quantity

    Minimum order 25 pieces.


    Apply at 190-200ºC for 10 seconds with firm (Applied Pressure* 1.5-2 bar); peel away carrier film when warm (not immediately)

    Manufacture Origin

    Manufactured in the UK.


    Reflectran IS NOT covered by CLiP

    Additional Information

    • All logos are 100% quality checked.
    • All colours reflect.
    • Available as both industrial wash and home wash.