Topgrade Embroidery Effect

Vector Artwork Embroidery Effect

Topgrade Embroidery Effect

Topgrade Embroidery Effect Emblems can be contour cut to almost any shape to make them integral to the garment. The digital print process pioneered by MiRiCal allows almost limitless design capability and greatly simplified pricing. This product remains the badge of choice for the workwear rental industry, having the following attributes:

  • The most durable industrial wash emblem available
  • Digitally printed for unlimited graphics, including photographic images

FR accredited option (ISO 11611) – see Topgrade Digital FR

Suitable For

Ideal for “white wash” garments for pharmaceuticals/food etc.

Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum logo order 15 pieces for the first order – just 1 piece for names/job titles


Apply at 190 – 200ºC for 12 seconds with firm pressure

(Applied Pressure* 1 – 1.5 bar)

Manufacture Origin

Manufactured in the UK.


Topgrade Embroidery is covered by CLiP

Additional Information

  • All logos are 100% quality checked.
  • Contour cut and overlocked options.
  • Removable and re-usable using MiRiCal’s Emblem Removal Spray.
  • Velcro option available


  • Velcro option available